Pastor's Message - March 17, 2019

On May 13, 1981, on the day of the assassination of the Pope during an audience at St. Peter, God's providence has miraculously saved me from death. The one who is the only Lord of Life and death has prolonged this life for me, in a way he gave again. From then on it belongs to him even more. I trust that He will allow me to recognize where I am to perform this ministry to which he called me on October 16, 1978. I am asking Him to deign to call me back when He chooses. "In life and death, we belong to the Lord ... we are our Lord" (see Rom 14,8). I also trust that to where I will be able to fulfill my Petrine ministry in the Church, God's Mercy would like to give me strength for this indispensable ministry.” This is a part of the testament which Saint John Paul II left. He also writes that during the retreat he returned to his testament and to the wills of his predecessors. We learn from the great Patron of our sanctuary such a look during the retreat. We want to look deep into our lives, our past, and redefine the direction of our future. We would like to give ourselves another step on the way to a good life experience, how to deepen our previous struggles and strengthen the previous decisions. Retreat, that's just a reminder. St. John Paul II points to a global view of our lives in the prism of eternal life. The Holy Father - in his will - mainly points to gratitude; in the beginning to God and to people for the gift of faith, love and hope. The Church constantly points to the need for community on the way of salvation, hence the need and our gratitude during these retreats, as well as reverie, which direction we are heading, whether we follow our ideals, and above all, whether we fulfill the will of God, who wants us to be happy eternally.

That is why we need "a special time", "a holy time" to visit our hearts with a kind of reflection, prayer and silence. The retreat in our sanctuary runs from Friday, March 22 to Monday, March 25. It will end with consecration, devotion to Jesus through the hands of Mary, as well as the spiritual adoption of a conceived child. Let us surround each other with prayer during this beautiful time, as well as let's pray to our father's retreat-teacher.

Fr. Robert Będziński